Department of Energy at ADSW


Timeline, New web portal, DOE Information, Survey

Our mission was to elevate the experience through technology for the principal partners of ADSW. We showcased the work of each department within the DOE, we created 3 touch & throw activations, transparent screens that enticed passers-by, and a brilliant light display for everyone that filled out a survey. With LED floor sensors, we guided visitors through the stand following the milestones of the organization.

Positioned at the fore of the regions? drive towards a sustainable future, the Department of Energy allowed visitors to explore their renewed policies and regulations.

With carefully placed content, we ensured that visitors covered the entire stand, taking in all that DOE had to offer

Sensor-activated LED lights guided visitors through the milestones of the organisation.

We allowed visitors to dive into the DOE?s new and improved website with an interactive transparent LED display.

We kept things dynamic - the changing colors of the light display on filling out a survey encouraged visitor engagement.

We elevated the DOE?s new policies and regulations for a sustainable future with stunning visuals.