Our mission is to change the way brands connect with their audiences through the latest in experiential technology.

We are a client-first agency with 7+ years of experience breaking the boundaries of human interaction through technology. We are driven by inspiring future-ready pioneers to change the way brands interact with their audiences through the latest in experiential technology. Our expertise lies in Brand Activations, Virtual Events, Ticketing and Registration platforms, Experience Centers, Managed Web Services, and even the Metaverse.

Our Technology
is Bold

Where it all began...

Sharing values of honesty, trust, and teamwork, they took a human-centric approach in building the brand. From humble beginnings of 3 people working out of a small office in Jaipur to now having 40+ employees in Dubai and India, Rayqube Future Tech has come a long way. The next stop is Saudi Arabia - a growing market with tremendous potential.

Meet Our Team

With a full in-house team of brand strategists, game developers, designers, mechatronics engineers, and experienced technical project managers, we craft your brand experience through a seamless blend of strategic creativity and imaginative engineering.

Our diverse team is made up of professionals raised in the UAE and ones that are internationally exposed, combining local intuition with a global flair to create relatable, impactful experiences.

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