Hyundai at Korea Innovation & Travel Fair 2022


Sliding screen, Transparent OLED display, Touch & Throw, Car charger game

The Korean automaker?s quiet domination of the EV race is evident not just by their revenues, but by the new audiences they?ve fostered. For the launch of 3 new cars, they sought us out to develop a fun, engaging, and immersive experience featuring the most unique aspects of the brand. We took the content and spread it across 3 different activations that included a sliding screen, Touch & Throw and a Car Charging game with an interactive touch screen. We maintained a seamless journey throughout

We created activations featuring the most unique aspects of the brand.

The interactive car charging game gave the event an entertaining element for the visitors.

Using an attractive OLED screen, we encouraged interactive learning and boasted about the new features of the new rollouts.

We guided visitors through the stand with informative screen displays that guided them through the activations.

Sliding screens gave visitors more in-depth information about the new EV?s features.