Live Streaming + Virtual Event Platform

For the eight annual Knowledge Summit, we were tasked with creating an activity-packed hybrid event that would keep users engaged through all 4 days of the event. With live streaming, conferences with industry experts and government officials, workshops, networking lounges, and a virtual photobooth, we ensured that visitors would have plenty to do in between sessions. We also made sure to add a feedback form and offered live tech support throughout the event. While the entire platform was desig

We created an activity-packed hybrid event for the eighth annual Knowledge Summit.

User engagement through activities was assured throughout the four days of the event.

Guests were kept engaged with live streaming and conferences with industry experts and government officials.

The summit was lightened up with a virtual photo booth.

With workshops and networking lounges, we ensured guests had plenty to do between sessions.

Live tech support was available throughout the event, guaranteeing guests a smooth event.

We obtained maximum engagement along with analysis and tracking of user activity.