Du at Career Fair 2022


Buzz Wire, Touch Screens, Kinect Tunnel

For Du's stand at the 2022 Career Fair , we created captivating activations to draw the attention of passers by. With a thrilling buzz-wire game, a test of memory, as well as an intriguing personality test along with an immersive Kinect tunnel, visitors were enthusiastically gravitated towards the stand.

At the opportunity-filled exhibition, Du aimed to create a stand that would garner intrigue from passers-by.

We assisted them in creating an immersive, unforgettable experience that would also meet their objectives.

The personality test was an interesting take for visitors to explore their buried passions and interests.

We put together a thrilling buzz-wire game, encouraging visitors to tap into their inner ninjas.

The memory game was the perfect test of focus and information retention.

Visitors were fascinated by the immersive tunnel with visuals that followed their every movement.